For this project, I was tasked with redesigning the Herbalife articles module.

The Project:

My role: Lead Designer
Project timeline: 2 weeks design
Testing: Full story, individual user tests

The Problem

Current Articles is out of date. It was built in a hurry just to get something out there. There is no way to track popularity of an article. There is no way to search for articles that are relevant to my goals. There is no way to monetize or upsell products in articles.

What Went Well

Design and development were on the same page almost immediately and throughout the duration of this project. The translation between prototype and production was great.

What Didn’t Go So Well

The main thing that didn’t go so well was the lack of decision makers in the initial design phase. Our team came to consensus very quickly, and moved through the user story, sketch and prototype stages fast. Once we got to the design review with decision makers, we ran in to a different understanding of what articles should be as well as its purpose. We were operating with the goal to inform and educate users on products. To help drive a healthy lifestyle and show our products really work. Decision makers viewed articles and a vehicle to drive more sales. This is where the monetization came in.

What I Learned

Be more vocal and insistent about getting decision makers in the room during the design phase. I was relatively new to the company at this point, so I brought it up, but didn’t press the issue. Get buy in right away, as well as get their insights on business need.

New Features:

  • “Like” an article – adds metrics to see trends on popular content, which will help provide engaging and relevant content people connect with.
  • Favorite an article – Compile a library of articles I can reference on a regular basis, or share with people regularly
    • Share an article
    • Downline
    • Social Media
  • Smart tag search – the ability to search multiple tags to get articles specific to my needs and health goals.
  • Recommended articles
    • Based on your history
    • Targeted to your specific demographic
  • Monetization – Bringing add products in to articles
    • Related to article
    • Ability to cross sell specific products