No feature is ever finished. I feel it is important to show process in progress. Here are some of the projects I’m currently working on. We are using the UX Brief I implemented as the source of truth for projects from a UX Team perspective.

Tagging Contacts – In order to help segment contacts in Salesforce, we are implementing the ability to add custom tags. Many times, a distributor will add a contact in their phone as Rob (Lead) in the first name slot. Tagging contacts helps keep their contacts clean and segmented where it matters – where they can perform bulk actions against a segment.

Distributor Ordering Kiosk – This project originated as “a way to reduce will call pick up order wait times”. Based on our initial research, we found the root cause was the order process itself. We are currently building a proof of concept to ask for funding.

Centralized Opt In – Legally, we are required to have users opt in to communications from distributors. This project is to unify this process. The current process is scattered across multiple systems.