Understand. Explore. Iterate.

You can’t build the right things without data. Here are some presentations of research and usability I’ve done.

Measuring the Experience – It is important to measure how we are improving the experience for our users. This is a prototype test I conducted to measure if we improved our production pattern for our HNconnect offering. The production pattern test is here.

Why Do UX Research – User research is a foundation of User Experience. Without understanding our users’ needs, wants, and motivations, we are simply guessing what the right solution is. This presentation makes a case for user research, as well as introduces different types of research.

The One Page Test Plan – I created this document to help us start to standardize how we test. Currently, we are not doing a lot of testing at Herbalife. I feel like testing should be mandatory, and I am working with the UX manager to help realize this.

Card Sort Exercise – We had issues with the way our fields were grouped in one of our products. I conducted a closed card sort exercise to identify where to place these fields within the specified categories.

DS homepage redesign – This research was part of the original discovery for Herbalife’s Distributor home page

2016 Product Design – Broker Dashboards Iteration 2 – This research was part of the work on Connecture’s insurance broker dashboard.

2016 Product Design – Form user experience – This research was to illustrate a web form standard. There was discussion around doing one or two column forms, and the objective was to illustrate which approach was considered best.

2016 Product Design – Login form user experience – This was research I did around login form best practices and standards. I submitted these recommendations to both security and functional teams when we were evaluating our login experience.